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Secure and cost-effective data recovery services with labs located in Melbourne. No Data No Fee data recovery guarantee and PHD level engineers. Call Us Now: 1300 NERDCORE ext. 1.

Have you lost data? Suffering from hard drive crash? Has your raid array shut down? Don’t Freak Out

Data and Repair

Data recovery – Laptop & Notebook hard disk errors
Data Recovery by Kroll Ontrack Data Recovey Centre
Data Recovery Center and Raid Services
Data Recovery Retrieval Hard Disk Drive Deleted Files
Data Recovery Services
Data Recovery Software & Services
Data Recovery USB
Data Recovery
Hard disk recovery
Hard Drive Recovery and Repair
Hard Drive Recovery
Hard Drive Recovery
MS Exchange Data Recovery & E-discovery
Melbourne Data Recovery and Raid Services
Online Backup
Outlook Repair
Photo Recovery
Tape Data Recovery
Zip File Recovery
Hard Drive Data Recovery
Image Recovery

Hard Disk Problems:

Computer won’t boot
Formatted hard drive
Applications that are unable to run or load data
Malicious data loss/employee attack
File saved but cannot be located
Power surges
Hard Drive/Media surface contamination and damage
Hard disk drive component failure
Accidental deletion of data
Virus attack
Corrupt files/data
Operating system upgrades
Clicking/whirring noises
Hard Drive seen in the BIOS but not recognized in Windows
Accidental reformatting of partitions or hard drive
Fire or water damage to hard drive or media

Data Recovery after any disaster or data loss

Broken or damaged hard disk drives
Damaged or corrupted File systems
RAID system Failures
Viral infections
Lightning hits
Natural disasters (fire, flood…)
Accidental deletions
Employee sabotage
Accidental reformat
Burn out disks

Any File System

We work with all file systems:
Windows (MS-DOS, 7, 8, 10.
Novell ( Micro Focus ) Version 4.11, 5.0.
Linux (minix, ext2, ext3, jfs
Macintosh (OS X, OS 9, OS 8.6, 10.10.6.

Other Unix based systems (Solaris, Ultrix, HP/IX, Alpha, AIX.
Proprietary and unusual file systems including av systems and flash memory
RAID Arrays – RAID 0/1, RAID 5, RAID 10, RAID 3, RAID 1 and more

Recovery Services

Emergency, Weekend, and Priority Service
Full Class 100 Clean Room Facilities
Hard disk drive repair and recovery
Floppy, zip disk, CD, and DVD recovery
Magnetic tape recovery
RAID Array Repair and Recovery (RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 0+4, 10) Standard Raid Level Dialogue Chart
File system recovery from corruption due to virus or operating system failure
Recovery of deleted files or reformatted systems

Special Services

Forensic Analysis and E-discovery
On site services
Disaster Recovery Consulting
Experience in Handling Sensitive Government Data
Data Protection and Computer Crime Consulting
Data Destruction and Drive Sanitation
Media and Data Conversion

Data Recovery · Hard Drives · Raid Arrays · Optical Media · Tape Drives · Deleted Files · Database Repair · PST and Email · Zip, Jaz, Floppy and Removables Flash drives. Call Now:1300 637 326.

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre have been providing most affordable data recovery services for start-ups, small and medium businesses and private individuals for more than 11 years. With data recovery facilities across Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane we are your number one choice for secure, fast, and confidential data recovery services in Melbourne.

When you call or email us, one of our engineers will be assigned to call at your address and have your system fixed onsite and if we cannot fix on-site, we will book your pc for further diagnoses and repairs at our lab. We offer flat rate, hourly rate, remote and onsite support services. If you would like to have a quote fill in the form to the right.


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