Computer Virus Scan and Virus Removal Services

hardware or software problems? computer running slow? files are corrupted?

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre is preofessional in setting up Anti-Virus software for your home or company. Our engineer will install anti virus software for you at location and make sure your anti virus software is fully updated and properly configured. Then implement and schedule scanning processes and updates – we will help ensure that viruses never reach your computer and networks easily in the future.

We can help you with:

virus removal
spyware removal
pop-up adds removal
adware programs removal
system tune-up

Symptoms of Computer Intrusion:

Computer hackers have thousands of tools for breaking into personal computers worldwide. Here are some of the symptoms of someone else utilizing your computer:

Computer crashing often
Slower than normal Internet access that persists
Running out of Windows “resources”
Having to reboot often
Destroying or erasing your files and programs
Stealing your personal information and files (identity theft)
Sending out spam from your computer
Attacking other computers
As a file storage space for other Internet users

Computer virus is a self-replicating software/program containing codes that explicitly copies itself and can infect and damage other programs/software by modifying them or their environment such that a call to an infected program/software implies a call to a copy of the virus. The longer you operate with an infected computer, you are essentially increasing the chances of data loss, file damage and possibly corrupting other computers.

If your computer/network have been intruded upon, Nerdcore Computers Service Centre engineers can detect and eradicate any intrusion or remote programs from your computer.

Protect your computer with a firewall: Without a firewall, malicious hackers can use your computer. A good firewall can help to protect your computer from system intrusion, destruction of files, identity theft. From just 55$ a year you can gett he sort of protection that multi billion dollar blue chip companies have.

General PC Services Including:

Computer Repair Reformat & Rebuild
Data Recovery
Virus Removal
Computer Upgrades
Web Development
Spyware Adware Removal
Virus Protection Programs
Internet Security & Firewalls
Backups Data Archiving
Fix System Lock-ups
Software Installation
Software Installation Problems
O/S Upgrades
Network Installations
Disaster Recovery Planning

When you call or email us, one of our engineers will be assigned to call at your address and have your system fixed onsite and if we cannot fix on-site, we will book your pc for further diagnoses and repairs at our lab. We offer flat rate, hourly rate, remote and onsite support services. If you would like to have a quote ring our office or fill out the form to the right.



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