What is cheaper to repair my computer or buy a complete new computer system?

This really depends on how old your computer is and also what is wrong with your computer. Sometimes it isn't worth spending the money to fix your old computer or is actually cheaper to purchase a new one. We will always advise you of the costs and benefits in each case and offer the best options available.

What types of hardware upgrades do you perform?

We offer all types of hardware upgrades from simple video grahpics card installations, power supply replacements, memory upgrades to changing out the motherboard and CPU or a keyboard or a mouse playing up.


How do I know whether my computer is due for an upgrade or service?
Do you find yourself fidgeting while your processor, or one of your peripherals, goes on and on doing something?
Is your computer too under-powered to run the programs&applications you want to run?
Is your hard drive too small to store all your "Personal Information"?
Do you need to send and receive faxes from your computer and you can’t?
Do you want the sound you don’t have?
Do you want something for your computer you don’t have?
If you can answer "no" to ALL these questions then maybe you don’t need to Upgrade.

Can you troubleshoot an existing small network?
Yes. We can troubleshoot most home and small business networks even if we did not originally install it for you.


So are you going to charge us any cancellations fees?    

No, but we do ask that you give us a couple of hours notice if you'd like to cancel a booking due to god unforeseen circumstances.

Do you offer on-site service?

Yes. Were the specialists in timely onsite service. Most upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting can be performed on-site at your place. Depending on the nature of the problem we can also offer Remote/Phone support at reduced rates to keep the entire cost down.

What types of data recovery services do you offer?

Some of the data recovery services we offer are the following:

Unable to boot into operating system
Virus attacks taking over computer whilts using it
Inaccessible drives or partitions files are hidden or destroyed by cyber download attacks
Unable to run or load data programs that fail to load on starup or during operation
Data corrupted but missing files
Hard drive failure noises coming out of the computer
Hard drive crashes caused by knocks or bumps

Do you offer service agreements to small business at home?

Yes. For businesses with regular service requirements we offer special tailored pricing and dedicated technicians that will learn your business computers and staff requirements.

Do you charge a credit card surcharge?

Never. Not even if you are using American Express or Diners.

Do you take payment via any other medthods?

Yes. Most of our Payment details are provided on the invoices we issue. We also accept cheques, paypal EFT and cash payments.

Why Choose Nerdcore Computers Service Centre?

Secure Rapid Response Risk Free - Nerdcore Computers Service Centre offers Same-Day On-Site Service with 2 Hours Cacellation Notice. If any of our technicians are late by 30 minutes there is a total of 10% off the total job. Just call 1300637326 and we will arrange a technician to come to your home or business asap. If, for any reason, we can't provide a solution, your service is free -- guaranteed. Why hassle with disassembling your PC or Apple Mac and hauling it to a repair shop every time it has problems? (Of course we repair laptops too)

Complete Onsite Computer Service and Repairs Team


Friendly & Helpful - Computer help without the techno jargon, seriously! We're clean and only visible when needed, and leave when our job is done so you can get yours done. While we're there we'll take note of the details of your office technology setup so we'll be even better prepared for future visits or your requests concerning upgrades and new products that will help with your current setup.

Professionally Qualified - We're computer networking consultants, firewall, disaster recovery, desktop support technicians, and professional computer programmers. We help growing businesses and home users successfully and securely maintain computer networks, desktops and firewalls. As your "Part-Time IT Department" Nerdcore delivers on-demand, on-site computer and network services that are convenient and reliable.

Team Effort - You get the whole Nerdcore Computers Service Centre Team - Our Nerds work together so when you call our Nerdcore Call Centre, you are calling on the entire Nerdcore team. Whether you have a virus and spyware or need your entire network re-designed and secured, we have a Nerd expert engineer for your problem. 

No Booking fees
No Additional "Same Day Service" fee
No Weekend/After Hours surcharges
No Cancellation fees
No Minimum 1 hour labour
No Credit Card surcharge

Call now for an over the phone & quote your problem on 1300637326, depending on your computer issue we could offer premium on-site support, discounted pick-up and back-2-base support, or even remote support for an instant on the spot resolution!


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